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Practice One: Drawing onto Different Materials

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

To start my exploration of how colour and materials can change the mood of a space, I wanted to first start by drawing and experimenting with more unusual materials.

Within the research I have conducted prior to getting my hands dirty, the correlation between nature and well-being was very clear and also an important factor to me to keep in touch with whilst producing work.

These are a few examples of some small experiments with natural materials. I have drawn onto pieces of wood, found in the woods and also more clear cut industrial scraps.

I am really enjoying the drawings on a 3D object. My original idea to shape a space through to use of colour and texture lends itself well to these experiments. I want to try and change the scale these experiments and use them as models for larger scale pieces. I also want to try and draw onto to surfaces already in spaces such as tree in the woods or a rock to see how my shapes and colour may react to the surroundings.

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